Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Are you in turmoil? If so, you are not the only one. If not, you probably are the only one.

Unless you are unidentified with it. Then you are awake and the turmoil is transformation.

There is so much change now that it is absurd to call it that. The assumptions required for change to apply no longer exist. What is simply is. There is no conceptual reference point. All we have is now.

All we have is experience, the existential. No mind is anything but a hindrance, a clinging, clanging curse. No-mind is anything but a hindrance, it is the opening, the way.

Presence is the antidote to turmoil. It is the ultimate outcome of it.

When you have nowhere left to turn, you finally find the moment. When you are in the moment, you have nowhere left to turn. You have arrived. You are found.

When you are present, turbulence is trustworthy. How else do you grow? How else does transformation transpire?

When you are present, turbulence is tactile and you are transcendent. The tangible doesn’t touch you, it teaches.

You want all these things. You have dreamed these dreams, and you have chosen for them to form. Now they are coming. And you, what are you doing?

Are you fighting your own evolution? Are you resisting and asking your actualisation to agonise?

Or are you watching? Are you aware, unidentified with the idiom, liberated from the language of materialisation?

Are you letting life be while you soar into crystal consciousness? Are you watching?

Presence is watching. Presence is accepting. Presence is love. Presence is rising gracefully on the warm lift of turbulence.

Presence is patience. Presence is the sky. Turmoil is transient, presence is permanent. The now is forever.

You are eternal.

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~beian~ said...

Wow Robin.... you ROCK!
just what I needed to hear / read today, thank you and THANK YOU !!!

*peace and love*