Monday, 16 November 2009


Life really is way beyond what we know it to be.

We are kept in little containers of our minds by lids of our fears. Society, too, has us in cells.

Our passions and longings are like the sky and our actions are those of earth-bound prisoners. The pain of tension is actually the process of birth, yet we miss the blooming and choose the darkness.

Everything wants to be born and to flower. You want to send your scent into the breeze and disappear blissfully into the infinite. You want to be who you are.

There is a lid on that when there needn't be. Open up.

To lift your lids, you need to be brave. You need to take and manage risks. You need to live. You need to see past political correctness, step out from behind facades, and anchor yourself in authenticity.

You need to know what works for you and live by it, regardless of society. You need to keep finding what works for you by risking what you feel within in a wayward world without.

Observe your tensions, they are wanting to resolve, to explode into ecstasy.

Most people are lost in their tensions. They perceive them as problems and then turn to their conditionings as a way out. Their mind-messages, of course, tell them to toe the line, but that line is a mirage on the horizon they will never reach.

Where they are suffers severe shortages because they are not there, they are living in an illusion given by others They are lost in fear.

When you feel your tensions and watch them rather than identify with them, your consciousness shifts and those tensions instantaneously unravel like roses in the summer sun. Be conscious and allow yourself to flourish.

Do not fear society. Do not fear disapproval by the disapproving, that is their energy not yours.

Do not judge yourself using the template of the trapped. Do not deny your inner urges, they are instinctive and inherently intelligent.

Do not allow pain to prevent you from proceeding, stay conscious as it turns to profound pleasure.

In the absence of true knowing, people cling to their illusions, their agonies, their dramas and miseries. That keeps their lids lodged firmly in place.

They go round and round in a resentful romance with their traps, rather than lifting the lids, loosening their wings, and leaving their cocoons.

You need to be a rebel for freedom, a lover of life. You can't play it safe, you must move in the realms of risk. The most marvellous manifestations are brewing within you.

Are you in love with your lids or with being alive?

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