Monday, 30 November 2009


It's amazing how shifts can happen, just like that!

Energies can build and block, and then turn and find direction in an instant.

Emotions can immobilise you as they mount internally and struggle with each other, and a single incident of the seemingly slightest magnitude can suddenly move mountains.

That's how enlightenment happens. It is simply the biggest shift.

Everything is a preparation for it: your comfort with solitude and silence; the awakening of your consciousness; the finding of your true self and the standing for it in the societal storm.

As such, it is not an achievement, but something evolutionary that wants to happen and suddenly happens when you are ready. Your living is your preparation, a getting out of the way. Then the shift comes.

Other shifts happen all the time. You can be overcome by concern that has reached fever pitch, and then be relieved by a phone call, a message, a song in the background or a sign of some sort.

All the built-up energy suddenly floods towards something, and you see that the intensification and agony were all part of the process.

Shifts often happen at the least expected times in the quietest ways. They are seldom about big outbursts of emotion, although these may follow.

At the point of change, the power is too profound, too true for you to speak about it. Something has opened up and you deal with it lucidly.

The clarity is part of the shift, part of the energy moving instantly, part of things opening up. A gap is suddenly there, you are suddenly aware and ready, and you act without hesitation.

Emotion comes later, when you share the experience or release the catharsis, when you have the space and the need to process what has transpired.

Shifts are total when they happen.

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