Friday, 11 December 2009


Today, the same week that he sent extra troops to war, at enormous expense during an economic recession, the US president accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. There he made another speech.

The madness seems to escape people. Society is mad, that's why. People see it but won't face it. Dramatic ironies like this confront them daily in high definition and they simply ignore them.

They debate but don't awaken. They think but don't feel, see or be. They know that unconsciousness rules the world yet they march off at election time and vote in more of the same.

Partners project their insecurities onto their lovers, suspect them of all they feel guilty of, accuse them, and destroy their love. To protect themselves from the self-induced pain, they turn from what they want and crave, and blame the other for their loss.

What is, isn't good enough, so instead of enjoying and appreciating it, and letting it grow where it wants to go, they grind it down and prove their self loathing right.

They feel unworthy of love and mistrust it as a result. They stop at nothing to maintain their broken sense of themselves.

People cling to their misery. They get more and more depressed going against themselves every day in every way, doing jobs they hate in lives they aren't living.

Friends point this out, give them an understanding ear and helping hand, and they have some breakthroughs. Then they go back to the same old stories for the same old reasons, explaining away any semblance of insight.

They settle into the same patterns and relationships, and life loses again and again.

Insanity is all around us. The news is nothing but madness. What it reports on and how it covers that are beyond comment. Just look at it with awareness and you will be struck silent.

The businesses people work for, the jobs they do, the dynamics they drown in, the politics they perpetuate, the so-called leaders they follow, the responsibility they renounce, the masks they wear, the lies they live, and the fictions they believe religiously, are all a complex and sticky web of lunacy.

The world we have created is a reflection of a sick mind.

Lost in the world, we are all mad. Turning inwards we find the source, a thinking machine made up of contradictory and crazy voices. There is no solace in the stream of thick thoughts.

Only beyond that, where the silence begins, does clarity call to us. Not at costly summits to discuss climate change do we find answers but at the centre of our individual being.

Conferences of unconsciousness are like peace prizes for presidents: entirely illegitimate.

Mass media, society, structures, politics, appearances and words all lead further into complete madness. There is just one salvation and that is to discover your true self and from here bring consciousness to all you do.

The only sanity is inside you.


Unknown said...

So very very true, we are experts at making our lives so miserable, that few would like to share it with one moment every moment, and hopefully we will make it.

Robin Wheeler said...

I hear you, Zita! :-)