Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Looking back

Living anywhere but in the present is pointless, but there is benefit in looking back in a particular way.

You can revisit your experiences when you acted unconsciously and bring in the light of awareness. This loosens and releases the tension around them, relieving you of emotional bondage. It also opens you to acting wisely the next time around.

This form of looking back happens while you are present. You take your alertness with you to when you did something about which you feel uncomfortable.

Usually, we run from the memories to avoid the shame, guilt or poor self image. Or we apologise to try to restore the ego for ourselves and the other people involved.

Apologising is just patchwork - a trick to piece together appearances - and avoidance gives unconsciousness more power. When we are presented with a similar situation again, which we repeatedly are, we react in the same way and never grow.

When you look back while remaining in the now, don’t run from how it feels and don’t try to restore facades, something transformational begins to transpire.

Awareness prevails. It shows you what went down and why you behaved the way you did. It takes you into yourself and shows you the mechanisms underlying your make-up.

These unravel in the light of conscious attention. The block you have been carrying and running from dissolves and you feel free. You don’t condemn yourself or indulge in regret, you simply see. You forgive and understand. And you awaken.

Then the next time the scenario plays out, you are less reactive and more responsive. Emotions blind you less and insight comes quicker.

Quite soon, awareness stays with you throughout the encounter and a whole new you comes through. Free and fresh, you respond in the now. The darkness has gone and you are light.

Looking back watchfully takes you forward.

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Ruth Trowbridge said...

This is very compassionate advice. Peace