Monday, 23 November 2009


Have you ever tried sinking into yourself?

That's what meditation is. It's that simple yet it is infinitely deep. It is an ongoing sinking.

You can never get enough, you can never reach the end, and you can never lose what you have found. You can never undo what you have achieved, you can only proceed from it.

No matter what you are doing out in the world, when you return to yourself, the journey continues.

Sinking happens in silence, which is where I am writing this. Silence and sinking go together. They cause and feed each other.

If you are silent, you will sink into yourself, and if you sink into yourself, you will be silent.

It is raining gently outside in the early hours of the morning, which is softly sending me deeper into myself, deeper into silence. I have been sinking all day and night, since realising that I needed to do so, and I am sinking further.

I went through layers of emotion and now I am serene. Everything has perspective. I have found myself. I have picked up where I left off.

Sinking soothes. It takes you into the darkness where everything is light. Everything is weightless. You are relieved of all burdens and released from all tensions.

In the wall-less womb of nothingness, you float freely. Only consciousness prevails, the true you. Nothing can touch you, yet you are as sensitive as a strand of silk.

You are suspended yet absolutely alive. There is no noise yet a silent hum, no death yet an ongoing freedom from form.

You sink beyond happiness into peacefulness, through sadness into silence. You are solitary yet communal, disintegrated yet solid.

Duality is in the distance, the arc of a sunrise on a planet seen with perspective. You are outer space, floating in your inner space.

You keep sinking deeper in, deeper down. You keep lifting higher up. You are nothing and everything. Deeper and higher you go. More and less you are. Softly, strongly. Home.

Sinking inspires. It takes you to source where life force floods you. You almost want to act but sinking further is more seductive, more sincere.

Sinking simply brings better results, although it is not results-driven. It is the opposite of ambition, the converse of achievement, the antidote to action. Yet it accomplishes more.

You fill with profound, ordered and patient inspiration, and you trust its process and pace of coming to pass in the world. Within yourself, in silence, doing nothing, you are your most creative.

Sinking solves. Problems evaporate as you plummet down the shaft of your inner goldmine.

Sinking enlightens.

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Giulia said...

I know this place you speak of Robin, though it has been a wordless world for me......until now......until I read the words you used that have captured the subtle texture and essence of this space. Its the one true place where I feel absolute freedom and peace and that evokes the deep longing that often haunts me when I am not there. Giulia