Monday, 26 October 2009


People are going to tell you all sorts. Most of it has nothing to do with you.

Of course, interacting with them is part of life, a wonderful part, the counterpoint to solitude. Everyone is another facet of creation, another expression of you and the whole.

But the truth is within. Your connection with oneness is internal.

Interaction on the surface is so often a struggle, albeit dressed in pleasantries. Friends are also enemies, lovers are haters, too. The source from which to encounter life is your home inside yourself.

Here there is no struggle, there cannot be. You are simply a well into the infinite table of universal resources and beyond.

The more you go in, the more awaits you. The more open you are to your connection with source, the bigger your connection gets.

Then, whatever you need is always here. You cannot be swayed, just reflected and enriched by the external. And, no matter how the outside treats you, you will forever be a well of inspiration, insight and truth, for yourself and anyone who comes near you or your work.

Picture a spring sprouting from the earth. No matter the weather, night or day, it just keeps celebrating its origin. The clear cool water or the hot subterranean steam just keeps coming.

You can capture it or leave it, be there or miss out, and it just keeps emitting energy. It is tapped in, well welled. It does what it does not for recognition or exchange, it is simply itself, celebrating in just that.

It is naturally exhilarated, grateful for the world that receives its outpouring of love.

We are all such springs, all wells into the wonder. We are all best positioned open to the world within.

We are all a source of everything we need and of great blessings for the world around us.

Be well, be a well.

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