Sunday, 4 October 2009


We have been taught to doubt ourselves.

The seeds of uncertainty were sowed unconsciously the moment we were born and scattered superficially every moment since.

Our global culture undermines us as individuals. Our consciousness has a huge hole right in the middle, which has to heal. It starts with accepting and trusting yourself.

You make mistakes, that's good and healthy. You live and learn, that's life. Understand and proceed.

Doubting yourself is the most insane state to be in. Just think about it. How can something be unsure of itself? It makes no sense, yet it is our situation.

How can we question creation? That, too, is needless and neurotic. Just be!

As soon as we do something assertive, which often comes from feeling insecure (hence the need to assert), we feel a backlash of guilt. I must be wrong. What could I have done better? How must I change to avoid this again?

All this keeps you enslaved and unrealised.

All this comes from what we have been told by insecure teachers, judgemental and unwise mentors. One moment of vigour and we return sheepishly to slumber to avoid the pain of self condemntation that we carry within us like a life-long prison warden.

We have been conditioned into cells that don't even need bars. We have self doubt all around and, more important, deep within us.

Look in to your doubt. You were right when you did what you did. You had a genuine need being expressed and not being met.

You have the right to exist and claim your space. You have the right to thrive and self actualise for a prosperous living.

You are enitirely entitled to be yourself, as you are, without reservation. With discernment and wisdom, yes, but without doubt.

Your uniqueness is your gift and your responsibility, bring it boldly into being.

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