Sunday, 18 October 2009


I am ecstatic this morning. It's Sunday and I am having breakfast, reading, and enjoying the melodic sunshine.

I'm in a Portuguese restaurant and the people are beautiful, full of flavour. I am in love with everybody, especially the women!

I am preparing my house for a team of builders to arrive tomorrow and transform it. My build up of anticipatory energy has shifted and I am in the flow.

The heartbeat of the universe is pulsating through me, sending cool waves of bliss through my being.

What one needs to do for this to happen is simple.

First, drop all you know, all you have been taught, all the weight of expectation. Drop the drama and free yourself from false consciousness. Accept and embrace life as it is, in the now. Let vitality come through.

Second, express yourself in many forms, through writing and loving and building and renovating and silence. Create.

Third, stay fluid and responsive, open to the new. And that's it!

Everything you need for ebullient exuberance is within you. You just need to get your 'self', the ego, the illusion, the source of a sense of separation, out of the way.

As you do, which you can do in a moment, with a big release or a breakthrough, or as a process of surrender and progressive liberation, or both, the jollification will race though you, riding a stallion of inner peace.

Paradox will resolve in a continuing crest of surfing sublimeness. You will throb on every level with gratitude-infested lucidity, tingling and bubbling with the effervescent spring of life.

Hand yourself over to happiness.

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