Sunday, 14 March 2010


Understanding is everything. It is life itself.

You are inseparable from your understanding. The two are constantly becoming one.

The intensity of your growth and actualisation is in this moment, and it all happens in the furnace of understanding.

It does not come cheap, it requires totality. You must feel fully. You must be here now. You must weep and rejoice in a single sentiment. In that crescendo, realisation and love burn you away and leave just purity.

The rest is just thinking about life. Understanding is living it.

Yes, understanding can sometimes drift into sentimentality, which is, of course, no longer understanding but indulgence. It’s understandable because understanding is so scarce the way we live, but sooner or later it swells into prominence and overcomes the over compensation it brings in its early days.

Feeling is its foundation and we have to swing this way and that to settle into the continuous soaring of nothingness. Understanding is a state of nothingness.

You are no longer, just completeness remains. Separation has come home and oneness has welcomed it. The prodigal has become the unpolluted. The self has come and gone and awareness rings into the heavens, silently. Innocence is restored.

Tears can sting and tears can sing. Patience can be forever. Love can take over. Love can burst from all seams and sides and overwhelm. Love can break all bounds.

Love is understanding.

Have you travelled far? Have the roads been rocky? Has your burden been too big to bear? Have the shackles of your ‘self’ brought you to your knees?

Has the sweetness of surrender shown you the way? Are you standing alone on a cliff with arms outstretched, crucified and elevated on the wings of love?

I understand.


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