Friday, 12 March 2010


Remain reserved. Keep what's meaningful and magical to yourself, close to your chest.

Keep it in your chest, in your heart. Bury your beauty there. Plant what's special about you, what you hold dear, in a private place deep in your centre. Let it integrate and grow there. Let it permeate your person.

Reach deeply into yourself. Invest your energies internally, as a process of self-discovery and as a form of self expression.

It's paradoxical but you express the most by keeping it to yourself. If you put it out there, it dissipates, like seeds scattered on barren ground.

When you keep it in, it grows inwards and fills you, plus it then surrounds you as an aura. On the outside, you seem quite commonplace, nothing special or outstanding, because you are not building up an ego, but inside you are very wealthy.

That wealth, everyone wants. You cannot buy it, you cannot steal it, you cannot fake it, and you cannot escape it. That is what we are all here to find and to live and to bring.

But we bring it by being it, not boldly proclaiming it. Big displays simply mask inadequacy. Attempts to convince simply prove a need to compensate.

When you are truly wealthy, there is something supremely understated about it. A hungry eye might not see it but an open one cannot miss it.

You have arrived home. You have no need to try or pretend. You are as you are. Everything takes care of itself.

Remain reserved. Keep yourself to yourself. Enjoy who you are in the greatest love affair possible, the one with you know who.

The romance will radiate around and pull people towards you. Yet they will always remain mesmerised by the mystery.

Your love for life will inspire other seeds to grow.

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