Tuesday, 30 March 2010


If you're really tense or upset, get it out first. Exaggerate it, swing to the extreme. Express the feeling: cry, scream, punch (the air or a pillow!).

Then, or if you're not too tense, find the tension in yourself, hold it for a second, and let it go. Get in tune with your body, find any strain, feel it for a moment, then let it go. Keep letting go.

Don't interpret the story happening around you and don’t identify yourself with it, just let it be what it is. Watch. Stay alert but relaxed and act from there.

Find the tension and let it go. It keeps coming back. It is creative energy. It is love! Release it and do not resist life.

Find the tension, feel it for a moment and let it go. Keep relaxing as you express yourself. Be creative with the flow.

Keep relaxing into the flow. Allow yourself to dissolve. Let the river of life take you where it wants to go. You are not separate from it! You just think you are. You just think. Thinking is not the river. Letting go is.

Now, when something happens, you have your wits about you. You are present, relaxed and alert. You do what you have to, what comes to you spontaneously, and keep relaxing.

What's really going on reveals itself to you. You see things as they are. You become yourself.

Excitement is energy: find it, feel it, and release it. Creativity takes over. The flow fills you. Act from here, act with it.

Fear is energy: find it, feel it, and release it. Creativity takes over. Act with it. Trust life. Enjoy it! Have fun.

Fear is blocked excitement. Pain is resistance or blocked energy. Life is coming all the time.

Relax into it, you'll love it.

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