Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Slowing down

Lately I have found myself doing a few things at once.

I have spotted errors in e-mails when I revisit them. I have woken in the morning with a mind as busy as when I went to sleep.

I have found myself caught up in ego, feeling inflated about all the good that is happening rather than simply good.

My false self is trying to make this all about him. He is finding ways to do so because I have been moving too fast and drifting out of touch with my core.

My head has been too full and I have been resident in it. It has been controlling me, rather than taking its rightful place in a balanced being.

My reality has not been radiant, it has been dreamlike. Too much has been happening too quickly and I have not been here now.

I have been craving chocolate! There has been an urge to take time out and another to speed up, and I have been unsure of which to follow.

I am here writing now, which is a good sign. I am writing about slowing down, which is an even better one.

Slowing down, right down, is the solution. There is no need for speed. In slowness, there is presence. In awareness there is grace.

I am finding myself, hearing the birds, breathing the breeze.

Outside it is late summer, not to be missed. There is a stillness about, not to be missed.

Everything is perfect, with no need to rush or push or struggle or doubt or fear, not to be missed.

The here and now is here and now, not to be missed.


missyscarlett said...

Living in the moment and awareness is so important but so difficult to achieve.
Rushing around gets us no where and diconnects us from ourselves and all that truly matters.
Thank you for the note and reminder!


Robin Wheeler said...

Thanks Elsabe.

It can feel difficult to realise because we are so conditioned to live in our heads, which is our default place to dwell.

But it is not really difficult, we just have to keep bringing ourselves back to it every time we see that we have drifted off.

And it is not realy an achievement or the result of our efforts, it is a new awareness that gradually fills our lives.

It comes from not doing, consciously stopping the disconnect and allowing the herenow to take over.

AfroDaze said...

I needed something so I got to your homepage, randomly pulled the scroll bar down and stopped at this article. No coincidence. I Jan my one big goal was to slow down. Looking at my life in April, no-one would ever think it.
Thank you for timely reminder.
Sending you love.