Friday, 27 February 2009

Things to do before you die

I often see lists of life experiences to have before your time is up.

There are books and occasional newspaper articles giving suggestions. All of them, though, are things out there, places to go and worldly experiences to have.

None of them address or even acknowledge the ultimate. None of them talk about what’s in here.

This is indicative of the consciousness from which we are emerging. Our lives so far have been about the external.

Amazing as the external is, it is not that important. Without experiencing it from an internal presence, it is largely meaningless.

Outside experiences are like drugs if we have no home inside. They are a substitute, and any highs they bring are sensory rather than spiritual.

What is the Grand Canyon but a reflection if you are empty within? What is the Amazon river if you are not flowing home to your soulful sea?

What is a trip around the world worth if you cannot take the journey into your inner mystery for free?

Why does a men’s magazine feel that it is more important to date an older woman, ask for a raise and catch a fish than to discover your true self?

Why does it encourage readers to do reams of silly things and leave out the only one that is real?

We all know why! The publishers and readers are lost. Idiots. Sad but true.

I say there is only one thing you should do before you die and that is be yourself. Swim into your inner depths and explore who you really are.

Find yourself. Find presence and allow it to fill your life. Then you will not have wasted it.

Be blissful and all you do in the world will be a bonus.

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