Sunday, 15 February 2009

Can you feel it?

Can you sense that there are different dimensions to your being? Tune in for a moment.

Can you see that there things out there? Things to do, things to think about. There seems to be an endless stream of things needing you.

Can you feel that you are not only on the level of things, of form? There is something behind that.

Can you become aware that you are really just consciousness? Your consciousness ‘in here’ is the backdrop to the things ‘out there’.

When you stay in touch with your consciousness, you do not get lost in things. You do not identify with them or feel that they have taken over your life.

When you stay in touch with the conscious dimension of your being, you maintain perspective. You bring a quality of insight and wisdom to the things out there.

Time opens up and you do not run around in a spin. Synchronicities increase and more happens in the natural flow rather than through your frantic efforts.

You are calmer, more alert, discerning and resourceful. You trust your own and the greater intelligence, which comes through more in what you do.

The way to find the spiritual dimension to your being is to tune in to the space between things. There are the things and then there is the space between them.

You are really the space between. You are really presence. Tune in to the now and find your true self in it, which is synonymous with infinite space.

Things come and go, space is eternal. With awareness of space, you bring a quality of the eternal to the things.

Your work goes to a whole new level and you are much happier and more effective.

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