Friday, 6 March 2009


Love is silent, unspoken. If you are filled with it, you will be quiet.

If you are sharing it with someone, you will not be voicing it. You will both know it, feel it, and be it, but you will not be saying it.

‘I love you’ almost always means something else. It may mean, ‘I want something from you’ or ‘I feel guilty’.

I could also mean, ‘I am scared’ or ‘Please don’t hurt me’.

It seldom if ever accompanies true love. So watch yourself when you say it, and see the process of it.

Then move deeper into yourself until you realise that you are pure love. There you will emanate it and never have to put it into words.

Words and what we have understood to be love both exist on the superficial plane of our awareness, on the circumference. We have lived there as a species and identified with who we are not.

If there are no words for something, we doubt or miss its existence. If we feel something powerful, we try to put it into words to validate it.

But love is the very nature of everything in and around us. It is the eternal, the mystery, the creative force, the evolutionary impulse. Love is the space between everything.

Love is all. You cannot put that into words. If you are in words, you are not in love.

From love you may occasionally use words but those words will have a totally different quality to them. They will be an extra sprinkle of stardust around the adoring and compassionate gratitude filling and surrounding you.

Once you distinguish between process and presence, you are through the gate and on your way home.

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