Thursday, 12 March 2009


Are you postponing your life?

Do you tell yourself that you have plenty of time to do all you want to? Are you using logic to override immediacy?

Logic is a problem! It does not overlap with presence. You are either here now or living in your head.

If you are thinking, you are missing. If you are being, you will move with the moment. You will not postpone.

One moment of being is worth more than many lifetimes of missing. And you are living a lifetime of missing! You are thinking and talking yourself out of living.

You can be here now, so feel it. Seize the moment by filling it. Access the ultimate, the essence in the now and live like there is no other.

It is not a comparison between thinking and being, because comparing is thinking. You are either there or here and when you are here, there is meaningless.

When you are there, here is lost. Be here, be here now.

If you had just one day to live, all the trivialities with which you occupy yourself would fall away and you would do what matters. You would connect with your essence.

So do it now anyway as if you have only the now. You do!

Trivialities are a way of avoiding. They are a postponement. You are choosing the payoffs of martyring your life for being egoic, of choosing to be right rather than happy.

You are putting process above presence. You are missing. You have a handful of arguments but you know it's true.

Postponing your life is not living it or loving yourself, plus it spreads a resistant rather than reverent energy to others.


Katie Skow said...

Yet another great philosophical article by Robin Wheeler.

anddna said...

Egoic - Logic, Mmmmm