Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Belief in lack is an active awareness. More accurately, it is an active unawareness. It's a perspective that we conjure, one that keeps us unconscious.

It takes us away from the truth. It creates all kinds of cretinous constructs that keep us out of touch with ourselves. Lack is not real but we make it seem so. We insist on it as a world view. This induces most of our anguish, and the anguish then furthers the skewed perception. Lack endures and we limp along.

We are unaware that we are believing lack into being, and will fight to uphold our point of view and suffering, but we do still know on some level what we are doing. We know that it is unhealthy, unsavoury and unsustainable.

It gives us some sort of twisted kick that we choose in bitterness, indulging our self-induced right to complain and be miserable. It's a way of staying childish and renouncing responsibility. It's a device for avoiding life.

There is no lack in real life. Release your false sense of it. Instead of fighting, find what you are enforcing and let go of it. Take the tension as an opportunity to relax through it back to an integration with abundance. 

There is only abundance. Life is constantly flowing boundlessly. We need not believe anything to enjoy it. We need not do anything to be rich. We need not conjure a sense of wellbeing.

We are health itself.


Prem Lulla said...

Yes, this echoes with me, I used to live from a lack perspective. I realised my folly and now i am learning to allow abundance. And you have rightly said - there is no need to believe in abundance to enjoy, abundance is your nature.

Robin Wheeler said...

Many of us are, Prem. Many thanks for sharing and spreading.