Monday, 10 October 2016


In your 'being yourself for a living' business, you are constantly in the process of simplifying.

Everything is always getting more complex, changing and evolving all the time with multiple interrelated factors and some new ones coming into effect and others falling away. Your job is continually to evaluate, and to find the simple solution to what you want and need to achieve.
You look for the essential genius at the core of any predicament. 

This is leadership. This is innovation. This is survival. This is being in business. 

When you are on top of it and good at it, you thrive on it. It is a state of constant learning, though, so it is uncomfortable and challenging. There is change and tension, rising pressure and shifts.

This can get too much at times, or just the anticipation can get to you, or the momentum of being on edge can make you edgy, but the simple solution is always just around the corner. When you see it and it slots into place, you slip into more ease and greater acceptance and understanding. 

Simplicity takes over.

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