Wednesday, 30 December 2015


The 'being yourself for a living' journey is a heroic one. The valiance happens within, and it happens in relationships. You are the hero of your own life and also in the community.

Part of your job is spiritual and part of it is social. The hero is at the centre in both instances.

Being yourself for a living means going beyond the bounds of social convention and consciousness, and bringing back insights for the benefit of the tribe.

The artist explores the outer reaches of awareness and returns to translate findings into creative expression for the well-being and evolution of the collective.

The shaman shifts out of group-think and shows the boundaries and the beyond to the clan. The warrior risks rejection, endures ambivalence, faces fear, embraces aloneness, and performs a transformative function.

She is a rebel. He is a change agent. She is a teacher. He is a wizard.

They are all heroes.

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