Monday, 7 December 2015


Nothing trumps acceptance and nothing can. If anything tries to, you can simply accept it. 

You can accept everything as it is. Pain. Illness. Death. What can any of these do if you accept them? They fall below you and you rise above. 

Acceptance makes you transcendent. It makes you detached. It frees you from form and frustration. It lets you be who you are. 

Ego cannot accept, it always resists, so acceptance is above ego. It is the quick and easy way out of ego identity. 

You can cultivate it anytime and employ it at particular times. When you remember or get the chance, you can actively accept everything and feel the world open up. You can feel all worry, tension and pain fall away and the essence of all things rise to meet you. 

Or you can catch yourself at particular points of resistance and be particularly accepting at those times. 

Acceptance transforms whatever you are going through into enlightenment.

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