Monday, 2 November 2015


Where are we going? We are about to find out. Where is the world heading? We are choosing right now.

Who is choosing? That's up to you, to us. Are you proceeding in authenticity and full awareness? The time has come to live a total yes.

Something completely new needs to be born. Are you its birth? If not, you may be dying. Things are certainly changing. We cannot keep going the way things have been misled.

People are waking up. They are perhaps not sure how to proceed or how to speak up, because of fear or feeling isolated, but every single step by every single individual is significant. Your choices are transformation itself. Simply be the new, now.

Don't be afraid to be yourself for a living.

How will this look? You will find out by doing it. You will create it by walking it. You already know in your heart.

You already see clearly around you the nature and consequences of the false. You can see the corruption and the crumbling. Face the facts.

Come from your inner core. Lift the heavy weight of your head and step forward from your soul. Step out of the dark shadow and into your light.

Drop the slavery and prostitution of the past and be uncompromisingly true to yourself in your vocation and your moment-to-moment existence. Drop conformity and realise authenticity.

Don't expect the answers before you take action, let them arise from your courageous and total presence. The new emerges in presence.

Be this vision for you, your immediate loved ones and for all of humanity. Do it for life itself.

Take your stand.

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