Monday, 19 October 2015


You have more resolve than you realise. You will only discover it under duress. 

You will be challenged, beaten down, disrespected, disregarded, exploited, ignored and left to stew in the pain, frustration and self pity. Only when you are fed up enough and pushed past your limits will you dig deeply and find what you have in store. 

Resolve is on the other side of tears. You have to break before you become unbreakable.

In this world, you are going to get bullied everywhere you turn, in the classroom, the boardroom and the bedroom. Used, abused and then blamed as if it was all your doing. 

You were born into subversive slavery and your kids have already been sold. It is a fight at every turn for your dignity. 

It may not be entirely your doing but you are still responsible. Those are the two key words: responsibility and resolve.

People are weak. People are cowards. People are crooks. People are corrupt. People are lost. People are violent. People are unconscious. People are revolting. 

Yet people are supremely strong. People are fearless. People are just living by their highest values at the time. People know in their hearts what is true and right. People are loving and gentle. People are aware. People are beautiful.

You are fully legitimate. You are fully deserving. You are the ocean in a drop, the whole universe in a single cell. 

You have everything within you.

Claim it.

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