Sunday, 2 October 2011


Being real is sexy. People love it.

It's an art, of course, and not as rough as it may sound. Being direct means being discerning as an extension of being real. It speaks to the hidden urge in others for authenticity, and it seduces them with its artfulness, too.

People long for intelligent communion. When you express yourself sincerely, you speak to them - and for them - by putting purity onto the table. This feeds the flow of self-insight and articulation.

It's a turn-on for everyone locked in a world of appropriateness. They feel the liberty of release and the thrill of openness. Tension turns to tingling.

There may be some ambivalence on the threshold, some turbulence during transition, but steadiness is assured. Nature will prevail in its wild and windy wisdom, a thunderstorm of sensuality, a paradox of perfection, at once spiritual and physical.

People are afraid and aroused, beguiled by the bridge, succumbing to their need for seduction, stepping out of their shadow ...

Dwelling on their dew point, they are drawn into the dance of transformation. They want nothing more than to surrender to spiritual precipitation.

Being real is an irresistible invitation to allow the evaporation of their sense of separation.

Alchemy is in the air.


Mphoza said...

Beautifully said piece indeed. What i know is that people who are real are often treated like outcasts and so its not a common trait cos people are afraid to stand out, yet it is so liberating to be real.

Robin Wheeler said...

Beautifully said, too, Mampho.