Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Don't seek, make yourself available.

Whatever is ideal will come to you, be ready. Be aware, present, able to respond.

The work is on yourself. All wonders pour into you when you are available.

When you seek, you leave the moment in search of some fantasy. It may be a beautiful dream, a profound vision, but pushing towards anything pits you against the way things are.

Rather bring yourself back into harmony with what is, and look. Everything is arriving, no seeking is required.

Be available, that's all. Take care of the area beneath your feet, the space you take up, and don't interfere with anything else. Attend to your consciousness, no more, no less.

Concern yourself only with your domain and get that right. This includes becoming available. The effect is readiness, optimal occurrence, and total experience.

Your conception was not a goal you set. It happened. Your birth was not your achievement, attributable to your ego, it came to pass.

Your life does not belong to you, it is an act of grace. So stay graceful and flow with it.

Some self-styled ambition can never surpass surrender. The part can never outsmart the whole. Be the whole. Be available to all of it.

The more available you are, the more everything arrives.

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