Friday, 28 January 2011

Head and Heart

Are you talking yourself into what you really want, or out of it?

Do you know what you really want? Perhaps, at least, you are being nudged towards it.

Is circumstance seeming to push you out of one way of living or into another? Do you carry an unlived life around within you?

Are you full of frustration, even grief and rage at the choices you are making? Or are you just numb?

Do you know what you really want? Have you even considered what that is outside of all you have been raised to do and pretend to be?

Are you living a connected or a conditioned life?

What you really want is simple and associated with what your heart tells you. Can you access what that is?

Can you detect the difference between your head and your heart?

Your head is full of what everyone else thinks and says. It has a notion of right and wrong, plausible and impossible, desirable and unacceptable. It is probably in control.

Even when you access your heart, your head is difficult to overcome. It can talk you out of almost anything. It analyses and paralyses. As a tool, it is useful, when you know what you want. For that, though, you need your heart.

Your heart is closer to who you are. It cannot lie or confuse. It knows the way and doesn't bother about details, because those work themselves out. You can use your head for them, once you have found direction. Until you have done that, your head is a problem.

Your head is your inner dialogue. Your heart is your guide. What you really want is seeded inside you and entirely plausible. You may be using your thinking to materialise or suppress it. Your thinking may be using you.

When your head serves your heart, you shift into gear.


Jade said...

So, a large degree of selfishness is required?

Robin Wheeler said...

I'd say so, yes, Jade. Not selfishness that means being inconsderate of others but the type where you stay centred in yourself. Listen to your own voice.

From a place of self love and knowing, your resurcefulness then reaches to others.