Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Who argues?

Unhappy people with a bee in their bonnet. Arrogant people who want to prove their importance. Ignorant people who don't know better. Partners in a power struggle.

When you are aware and awake, you are not going to argue.

What is there to argue about? If you know something, you will listen or share but not defend or impose. If you don't know, you will discover.

You will not be attached to your position, because knowing needs no attachment, and not knowing needs openness. The other may help but cannot hinder.

Who is there to argue with? Someone who knows when you don't will supply you with insight. Someone who does not know will either be receptive to your sharing or insistent on their ignorance.

Someone who thinks they know when they don't will be a pointless pursuit. And someone who knows as well as you do will commune with you in silence or stillness, a joyful resonance.

Some people define themselves by arguing: drama-addicted lovers, power-hungry parents, philosophers, politicians. Children.

They strengthen their egos in the name of love or intelligent debate. Or childishness. They use beautiful words to conceal their ugliness. Or simply don't know better.

You may feel somehow left out of their self-important endeavours, and drawn to get involved. But there is no need to be insecure or to argue.

What is to be gained by arguing? Tension, sharpened cunningness, and false victories. Ruined relationships and reputation.

Argument-free is the way to be.

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Jade said...

Oh WOW! Beautifully put Robin. Thanks!