Monday, 10 August 2009


Attend for a moment to the lower.

Become aware of your thinking and how most of your energy is in your head. We have been drawn upwards, out of our bodies and into the mind, to the point where it dominates our reality.

With this in mind, let the energy descend. Feel the intensity seep down into your neck and shoulders and then feel it fill your chest and arms, all the way into your hands.

Keep going. Feel it in your abdomen. Be in your abdomen. Your whole upper body is now inhabited.

Feel your energy descend further into your groin. Wow, so much power there!

You have entered the neglected, denied and ostracised territory of your lower body. Welcome.

Keep going into your thighs, lingering in your lovely legs, down into your knees and calves, then your feet. Feel your feet, full of energy, firmly on the ground.

Stay there and at the same time move up again, checking in quickly with the rest of your now balanced body.

As you walk, stay in touch and keep your energy down there. Whenever you remember to, redistribute yourself again and enjoy the full feeling.

It's basic to be in your body. Breathe into it, bringing the cells alive with every intake. It should start vibrating with vitality. You should start humming with happiness.

Being head-heavy is not whole or healthy and your system can't function optimally when you are not inhabiting it. The natural buoyancy of being can't bound about in you unless you are bodily and balanced.

So ground yourself often and feel the uplifting effects.

When you draw your energy down, your body takes you up.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, amazing... thanks!