Sunday, 16 August 2009


People often use the sentence, 'Everything happens for a reason,' to reassure themselves and others that there is a plan or purpose behind seemingly random or inexplicable events.

It just indicates that they are not in touch. It is their socialised way of trying to get in tune. It's like a drop saying, 'Don't worry, this must all make sense on some level, I know there's an ocean out there somewhere.'

Well, of course, we are the ocean. It's not out there, it's in here and everywhere and indistinguishable from everything.

And it is orchestrated with such precision on every level and in every way that a mere mind could never fathom even a fragment of it. That would be like a strand of nano wire trying to handle the current of a power station, just for the sake of reasonable analogy.

Life is unfathomable, endless mystery. It is infinite.

Sometimes when I am feeling that I have lost touch with this knowing, when life feels empty and random and I seem to be adrift in emptiness, I remind myself of moments of synchronicity.

You know the ones I mean, when you are floating along and suddenly you see that everything is connected in the smallest details. You get a glimpse into the fabric of everything and realise that it's not that life is forsaking you but you who have separated yourself from it. Your little ego has tried to assert its importance and ironically proved its pathos.

You are not your ego identity. You cannot comprehend everything with your mind. You can, however, experience understanding with your being. So sink beneath the surface and let realisation arise.

An insight into synchronicity can put you back in tune with infinity. Step through that doorway and keep walking into your home.

Everything happens for every reason.


Unknown said...

beautifully put & so thought provoking - will no doubt be more mindful of using this phrase from now on. Thank you for the insight:)

Robin Wheeler said...

My pleasure Thandi, thank you :-)