Friday, 5 June 2009


There is strength in adversity. You don't develop substance from comfort, it results from inconvenience.

Fruit forms from surviving the elements. Flowers, the pinnacle of frailty and beauty, burst out of hard buds. The strength of softness stems from stalks and seeds.

There is strength in uncertainty. The less you insist, the more you mature. Not knowing is true knowing.

Total flexibility, suspension of the self, is somehow solid. Formlessness is somehow fortified. You do not achieve wisdom, it achieves itself as you subside into it. Strength surfaces as the self disappears.

There is strength in love. Love is all, softer than a scent, denser than diamonds. Love is writing this.

Love wakes you from a dream, draws then dries your tears, lies silently with you as you float in the gentle darkness. Love is your inner light. Love learns and strength is in learning.

There is strength in simplicity. It is the culmination of complexity. It doesn't speak, it silences. It doesn't do, it simply is. It accepts, it understands.

There is strength in beauty. Blend with beauty. Trust truth.

There is strength in exhausting weakness, in stripping away falsity, in exorcising arrogance.

Strength is soft, silent and simple.

Real strength is surrender.

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Unknown said... have a way with words!
Tim Edwards