Sunday, 14 June 2009


You should invest in your ability to articulate. It is a life-changing capacity, for you and others.

It is a way of life. Articulation is a journey of knowing yourself, bringing that to the world, and evolving in relationship.

If you can express yourself clearly, you are thinking clearly. In time, your mind gets to the point where you see and understand significantly better, simply as a function of being well versed in articulation. Your capacity to live properly and make a contribution is enormously enhanced.

If you can express yourself emotively, you are more in touch with your feelings. It reaches the stage where you are generally in tune and aware, able easily to put into words, music, drawing or action what is happening inside.

Articulation can take many forms and it does you good to explore these and develop those that work for you. Come into bloom.

If you can articulate your deepest being and let your soul sing through you relationship with the world, you will be fulfilled and fulfilling for the whole of creation.

Sometimes it may be in silence, that can be the pinnacle of articulation and communion. Sometimes it will take the many forms of your talents and crafted skills.

Access, experience, voice. Share, connect, teach.

It can take years and years for writing to ripen, so you must keep doing and enjoying it, and let it happen. It can take thousands of hours with a musical instrument to get good at it so you must pick it up and get playing.

It can take try after try to tighten your articulation but there is no other place than the here and now. Start, continue, be.

Live your life through articulation, there is no shortcut to self-actualisation.

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