Thursday, 1 December 2016

New Business

Business is in bad taste. It is beneath us.

Of course we all need to earn a living, so to speak, but the universe brought us here without us selling ourselves, did it not? We are in good hands. We are, in fact, those hands, inseparable from the big picture. So why make ourselves small and sell out? 

Stay in tune instead and let the whole do what it does. Stay integrated and see. Business is petty and we are quite the opposite. There is no need to trade for a few pennies what is priceless.

We all need to earn a living because the world is upside down. The planet provides for us, we have just turned everything inside out. We are inverted ourselves, making a case for what we do not want. 

Tell someone that earning a living is a red herring and they will argue with you, insisting that you are out of touch with reality. They want to be free but they build a prison instead. That’s why we all need to earn a living: we won’t have it any other way. 

It’s time to have it another way. A better, more enlightened and happier way.

In a global scenario where business rules the roost and exploits every individual out there, of course earning a living will be viewed as non-negotiable. But in a situation where robots and artificial intelligence are taking over most jobs, when those jobs have been alienating people for decades, is the idea of earning a living even valid anymore? 

Aren’t we all going out of the old way of doing business? Do we not need a revolutionary approach? 

In such a new setting, would people not be taken care of on a basic level, with food and housing and transport, all provided sustainably and pollution-free, and thus be able to share their talents and love and joy and creativity in a blooming, awakened world? Wouldn’t the human contribution be prized instead of repressed? Wouldn’t we be empowered to be ourselves?

Here we will not have to earn our living, we will have it automatically provided as a matter of intelligence, dignity and respect, and what we give will just make it all the richer. Being yourself for a living will not be a business, it will be way above that. 

We will not be reduced to the lowest common denominator controlled from behind the curtain by corruption. We will have awakened and claimed our power. Politics, police and exploitation will have no place in our world. 

Stand your ground, because this future is here.

We are learning and thriving on a new earth.


Prem Lulla said...

A great insight for me and it comes at a time when it is needed most. Thanks Robin

Robin Wheeler said...

So glad to hear that and receive your comment, Prem. Thanks for sharing and being in touch.

Unknown said...

Thank you, I'm sharing this!!💕

Robin Wheeler said...

Grateful to you for doing so, Anna!

Al Blaze said...

Wow! Robin thanks for your inspiring vision and picture of a New Business and New World coming into BEING...

This post reminds me of a quote I heard recently which says (paraphrasing):

"A healthy world is a world where corporations serve people, not where people serve corporations."

- Bruce K. Alexander

Robin Wheeler said...

Beautiful and inspiring response, Al, thank you. Good to hear from you. I have shared that quote since you did here. Lovely turnaround insight putting things the right way up. Appreciate you.