Sunday, 19 June 2016


I am lighting another homely fire here in honour of my father. He is in the winter air this evening and I am firing it up with spirited flames.

I am heating my house with his lingering presence, and it is warming my heart. He is in the timeless ether and I am reaching into it through alchemic elements at this particular time.

As always, I have music in my home and love steaming in my bloodstream. I have patriarchal power in my pen, my father and his father in my growing work, and fiery passion in my words. I have it all here tonight.

I have nothing holding me back because I have learned how to stop doing that. I have healed and moved on, come home to myself and become my own caring parent. I have given birth to and raised myself to full fruition. I am authentically an adult, finally fully a man.

I am moving so fast now that I have stopped moving altogether. Like a supernova, I am standing absolutely still in the twinkling skies. 

I am blazing through the heavens like a shooting star holding a fragment of eternity in my self-consuming spin through the galaxy.

I am lighting up the horizon for those with eyes to see.

Catch a fleeting glimpse and make a wish.


Gaston D Sanders said...

I loved your poem...beautiful imagery and intriguing pictures that you paint...

Robin Wheeler said...

So glad, Gaston. Thank you for sharing.