Thursday, 4 February 2016


I looked at your breasts and then at your face. I have no regrets, they both have their place. I looked at your heart and saw empty space. I strode through the mall with a natural-lit grace. 

I finished a call from a friend near and dear. I sat down for lunch and ordered a beer. I valued much more my just being here. I saw him aspire to live like I steer. 

I wrote in the sun and this is what came. I drank in the light and remembered my name. I felt my heart open to more of the same. I let my life lift to new heights of my game.

I got so excited it surely was showing. I got the full feeling of knowing and flowing. I loved where I am and where I am going.

I thought of your breasts and my cheeks started glowing.


nwarctic said...

Loved all your work. I love the writings of Anthony de Mello and I am sure he would have loved the relevance of your poetry and wonderfully matched photography.

Robin Wheeler said...

Many thanks for your comment, affirmation and connection to Anthony de Mello. I'll read some more of his work. Please stay in touch :)