Wednesday, 23 February 2011


There is only one way you can change your life and that is through consciousness. There is no other change, everything else is more of the same.

You can move one thing from here to there, which may appear, at least at first, to look and feel different. It may bring a little more comfort or efficiency, or perhaps a perceived decrease in something negative.

You may choose a direction or set a goal, and then set about achieving it, which may make you seem happier or more driven. But that does not change you. It merely distracts you, and sets up another cycle of strife.

Change is not something you do, it happens. And it happens through awareness.

With being awake comes automatic and natural increases in intelligence. The word for it is transformation. Change means more or less of the known. Transformation is from the beyond.

With change, you remain the doer, the ego, just fooling yourself with your own tricks. With transformation, you are less and less separate, more and more integrated. You are your being beyond the self.

Transformation is awakening. What changes is your bubble of awareness, your understanding, your world view. Everything else, like your behaviour and relationships, evolve as a natural consequence.

You do not need to change them, they simply cannot remain those that they were, those of a less conscious person.

So all your attention needs simply to be centred in awakening to the now.

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