Monday, 17 May 2010


I often get wrong number calls on my landline. There’s a convent up the road that shares my digits except for one, which, in my case, occurs twice more in the number.

So, for that reason, I assume, people call me instead of the nunnery. Unless there’s another reason, like the sense of humour life has.

Sometimes people recognise, as they work things out, that I have helped them by giving them the right number, and they thank me and even apologise for the inconvenience.

Other times, they just put the phone down or thank me without acknowledging my side of the encounter. Occasionally, they are open and accessible, and a short conversation ensues. It’s nice to meet nice strangers!

Sometimes I am in a good space and other times I am less so. So my approach varies. But, to a large degree, the person on the other end determines my feelings.

Someone I have a momentary and anonymous encounter with determines my behaviour. Well, that’s no good! It’s normal and human, I know, but I can make more of it than treating it like an irritating occurrence.

I don’t mind the calls, let me just say that. They are hardly an issue, but they do happen often, and they do draw my attention to my state of consciousness. So I can use them as an opportunity to awaken.

What state am I in when the world encounters me? What is my inner being like regardless of the outside?

What energies am I enjoying and bringing to bear? How much space in myself am I providing for happiness and presence?

The story of your life circumstance can run away with you, or you can take each opportunity to be who you are.

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