Monday, 14 September 2009


Alchemy means having the Midas touch, being able to turn base elements into gold.

It means having access to the mysteries of life and being able to affect transformation. It means having tremendous value in the world by being able to put people in touch with who they really are.

It means being a catalyst, a mystic. It is a wonderful word for being yourself for a living.

Alchemy means travelling your journey and being on your path. It is a state of understanding and harmony.

Alchemy is intelligence. It looks mysterious but it is merely more alive, more experienced, more insightful, more in tune.

Your touch turns things to gold because everything passes through your consciousness, which cleanses it and gives it a sparkle.

Your awareness purifies. It puts people who come near it in touch with themselves and the clarity of creation. It makes sense of their stories.

It gives them an inner glow. They go away enriched with access to the divine. They are re-sourced.

To be an alchemist, you need to seek the riches of the world. Then you need to see the futility of these and search, rather, for your own treasure.

You need to travel far and wide until you realise that everything you have been looking for has been with you all the time. You have been going out when it is within.

Going out has eventually taken you in. Going in then brings you out. What you find makes you very rich, as you are. It also draws the world to you, as everyone wants more than anything to be themselves.

Having burned away the false elements and distilled yourself to gold, you are a pure conductor of source energy. People are pulled towards that. The whole universe and the beyond are pulled towards that.

Simply prepare yourself and spirit will find you.

The alchemy is in the quality of your being. The wealth is in finding yourself. The gift is in drawing people closer to themselves by simply sharing your presence.

In that, love is exchanged. Love leaps from one conductor and induces another.

Love is what turns everyone and everything to gold.

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