Wednesday, 20 May 2009


The more aware you become, the more sensitive you will be, and the more attuned to discomfort you will be, too.

Of course, your relationship with discomfort will then evolve.

When you are unconscious, your discomfort will rule your life. You will act on it without being aware that you are doing so or even feeling it.

You will be identified with and lost in the layer of your being where urges and actions are synonymous. You will also be susceptible to manipulation, deliberate or otherwise, by others, the media, social forces and the like.

Discomfort is part of life and the more accepting you become generally, the more at home you will be with the tides of duality. You will not resist them and you will not be swept by them either.

You will be increasingly centred. The world will carry on around you and you will be the inner silence. The wheel will keep turning and you will be the hub.

From here you will allow energies to move, to build up and release. You will understand discord and euphoria to be different states of the same flow, the same discomfort, and you will attach yourself to neither. You will just watch and allow. You will be free and wise.

The trick with discomfort is to be aware of it first, then to let it go. Nothing lasts forever, or even for very long, so there is no need to panic, fight or try to change what you perceive as circumstance.

Just let it be and let it move through. Immediately as you do, it will feel different and begin to shift. Sooner or later, it will reveal its potential.

See it, sit with it detached from it, and discomfort will turn into transformation.

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