Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Have you ever considered that life is change, always in the direction of the evolutionary impulse of the universe?

Have you considered that all is absolutely good and that change is always for the even better?

Have you realised that your resistance to it is a misinterpretation of the nature of life, and the cause of your agony?

We get in the way of growth and realisation. Through unconsciousness, we self-sabotage.

We prefer where we are, which is usually relatively miserable, to what beckons mercilessly with the ever dawning now. We resist growth.

Hear that. We continually resist the inevitable, the essence of life. We resist who we are.

Like toddlers asserting the discovery of the word ‘no’, we stay small by trying to be big. We affirm our egos at the expense of our intelligence, happiness and self-actualisation.

Some go large and do it with wars, corporate towers and bold brands. Others are even more ‘successful’ by denying themselves all pleasures. The biggest resisters are passive aggressive.

Surrender to life. Let yourself grow. Allow your wonder to manifest.

Stop denying yourself everything you have ever dreamed of. That is the only real choice.

Resisting your magnificence is a false assertion, a stupid victory, another turn on the recurring cycle of realising that you can truly live without worry.

Ongoing change is the pinnacle of being, and it is happening.

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