Friday, 31 October 2008

Self Promotion

When you are in your own business or a soloist, branding and self promotion are intrinsic to your endeavours.

Looked at with too much deliberation, these can feel daunting. Done with a sense of humour and adventure, they can become a most creative form of self-expression. It can be so rewarding to get yourself out there and see the results.

The term ‘self-promotion’ has an egotistical ring to it, so don’t see it that way. Focus on who you are, what you love, what you want to share and the people who respond to your message. You will end up promoting yourself extensively in an authentic and graceful way.

Since the release of my book INSIGHTS in November 2007, I have had the joy of promoting, publicising and marketing it. A book is newsworthy, so it gives you an angle with which to approach the media and have your say in them.

The joy for me has been in doing so without attachment. I don’t expect anything from anyone and have put myself under no pressure to make anything of the book. It’s pure fun, the kind I love.

I wait until I am in the mood to speak to people about my book and business and act on my PR list then. I don’t make it into a job, I let it be what I really want to do.

I respond immediately to an idea when it comes to me, like when I’m driving or reading and I think of a radio station or editor or publication to approach. When someone makes a suggestion and it lights me up, I act on it.

If you look back over the last year, I have probably put in just 2-4 hours of work a week into book promotion and the benefits have been remarkable.

It has built my personal and business brands enormously, and done the book justice. INSIGHTS has received about 30 exposures in magazines, newspapers and on radio and television so far, and, with my enthusiastic yet serene support, they are still coming thick and fast.

So, take the pressure off and put yourself out there, how and when you feel like it, just the way you are.


Katie Skow said...

Is the book available in the USA? I'd love to read it!

Robin Wheeler said...

Hi Katie. It's not available in the USA at this point but if you buy if from my site, it will be there in a couple of weeks: